Friday, September 23, 2011


Leave the national flag alone

HOW unbecoming and immature of the state assemblyman from Kota Alam Shah to ridicule our national flag.

The behaviour of such a representative is disgusting to the core to be accepted by any right thinking Malaysian.

Even more irksome is that he had the gall to speculate that if the Opposition assumed governance, he will suggest to change the flag.

His actions and thoughts have breached all ethics in championing the common voice.

Some politicians will go to great lengths to get the limelight and political mileage. How low can they go?

Being a publicly voted representative, he is obliged and duty-bound to further the betterment of the country and society by formulating constructive and critical ideas via valid and founded arguments and not dwell on issues like questioning our national flag, which is the pride of our nation.

Has he forgotten that the recognition and honour a national flag carries is unquestionable and “walks tall” at any official function or meeting.

It is the binding magnetism a national flag carries, no matter what the political inclination of an individual.

Never in history has any political party questioned their national flag, be it in Malaysia or any other country. Looks like the opposition front must send some of their elected representatives for lessons on history and patriotism.

I am sure this assemblyman has in his lifetime saluted the flag during his school days and what a shame that today he is shy of it?

It is time that politicians realise that they too are citizens of this country and owe an obligation to keep certain issues out of political smear.

Let’s not belittle our Malaysian pride, like the national flag, to the amusement of foreigners and in the international media.

Shah Alam.

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